Day 5 Blog Challenge

Today is the fifth day of the Winter Biannual Bibliothon blog challenges. Today’s challenge I already know is probably going to be put up late. It is a really long one. I spent the most time on this challenge than the rest of the challenge. Maybe even them put together. It was fun and I wanted to spend the time working on this challenge. So here we go……

At first, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. I’ve written many fanfictions before but I don’t think I’ve ever written it about a book character. I was racking my brain for what book I should use. I didn’t think I could use any book besides a fantasy for some reason. Then I went back to look at the challenge and I saw that I could use any book and add magic to a scene. Then an idea came to mind. I had the perfect book.

Matilda by Roald Dahl

Dancing Matilda

This book and its movie counterpart were and still is a big part of my life, which is a story for another time. Once I knew what book I was gong I had to choose the scene I wanted to do. I was kind of hard considering it’s one of my favourites of all time. But then I thought what if I added more of Matilda’s magic to a scene that doesn’t feature any of it.

So let me catch you up if you have not the pleasure of reading, watching, or knowing Matilda’s story. Matilda is a smart (brilliant actually) young girl whose parents and brother aren’t the greatest. She’s so excited when her parents send her to school. That excitement soon dissolves when she realizes the principle is a strict mean disciplinary. Through all this Matilda is trying to figure out a special gift she has. This scene happens one day when the evil principle Ms. Trunchbull finds out a student (Bruce Bogtrotter) ate her chocolate cake and she calls the students to an assembly.

Bruce Cake.gif

All the children’s eyes went wide as the cook brought out a humongous chocolate cake. Matilda watched in wonderous horror. The Trunchbull was giving Bruce his own giant cake. The delicious dessert looked like it could feed the entire school. Bruce nervously took the knife off the table. With shaking hands he took a slice out of the chocolate mountain. The crowd watched in anticipation as he brought the slice to his lips. A thought of horror passed through Matilda’s young mind. Would the Trunchbull give him a cake without any other consequences. Bruce finished off the slice before slumping back in his chair already feeling his stomach ache. 

No, you will stay here until you have finished it all.Ms. Trunchbull said cracking her riding crop on the table. “In fact, everyone is staying until you’ve finished the ENTIRE cake.”

There’s no way he can wat all of that,” cried Lavender from beside Matilda. She couldn’t help but agree with her friend. She had to do something to help. Matilda looked around the room for ideas. She could try to use her powers on something but she was still trying to figure them out and she wasn’t sure it would work. She looked back at Bruce who looked as though he would be sick at any moment. Ms. Trunchbull looked all too pleased with herself. It caused a spark to light up in Matilda. She stared hard at the cake willing something to happen.

Come on please come on,she whispered quietly to herself. Suddenly the cake erupted. Chocolate splattered a radius out hitting the whole front row and much to Matilda’s delight the Trunchbull. Her face filled with absolute shock and….was that fear? A smile spread across Matilda’s face maybe there was more to her powers than she thought.

I would love to see this scene really happen. We kind of get to see something similar at the end of the novel but I would love to see the shock on her face when it happens. I hope my writing wasn’t too bad…..

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