Day 2 Blog Challenge

Today is the second day of the Winter Biannual Bibliothon blog challenges. Today’s challenge is to make a drink (alcoholic or not) inspired by a book or character. Now this challenge was just that a challenge. I’ve thought about this long and hard. I am 21 years old so my first thought was doing an alcoholic drink but then I had to choose a book character I wanted to do. Since there is a book that just came out that is part of my favourite series so I knew that was probably what I should do. The next question what character or book? So……….

Presenting Eo: (Red Rising by Pierce Brown)


EO Drink

I choose that vanilla bourbon for Eo’s sweet side. She is caring and nice towards others. But she also has a fierce side that flares up. A fire inside her. That’s where the fireball whiskey comes in.


Note: please excuse the terrible drawing. I just wanted a visual.

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